Our Proposition

Inspiration comes of working every day.


DASP focuses on achieving Effective Transformation through:
• Searching for and finding solutions that really work in practice and not just in theory.
• Seeking best-in-class expertise that has a proven track record.
• Working alongside your organization to ensure seamless communication, synergy and
stakeholder engagement.
• Ensuring that any solution will be the most cost effective for your Business.

DASP represents the TOP strategy advisory solutions for KSA.
• We join forces to shape the destiny of our clients
• We leverage on best partners
• We like to create a discontinuity in clients' performance and make a strong impact.
• We focus on Development Acceleration and Sustainability.
• We are strong believers in Open Architecture, Best of Breed service providers that are
focused to create value to our clients.
• We partner with clients to manage the service providers and add significant value and